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The most eccentric brand and company we've ever collaborated with.

A brand for mavericks, digital nomads and free-thinkers.

Lifestyle come kimonos – Kimonos 100% organics made in Japan.

Amargi is about freedom, lifestyle, fitness, meditation - and all this fuss - for free thinkers. All this comes together in a kimono design, respecting the traditional and centenary Japanese manufacturing, to create a product translated to a modern language.

amargi kimono tag design - lafresca

"This was never about selling kimonos but create a conversation about wellness and consciousness with the community".

AMARGI from Japan to Berlin.

The inception of diverse universes stems from the soul of the company's founder, a passionate enthusiast of yoga and ayahuasca, who firmly believes that our existence extends beyond mere presence—we are here to embrace profound experiences.

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e-commerce amargi lafresca studio

Our impactful branding strategy was executed through seamless integration into social communication channels and the establishment of a user-friendly E-commerce platform.


Elevating brand awareness and facilitating market entry, we seamlessly translated the project's origin and essence into a contemporary approach.

Our focus extended beyond mere products, as the kimonos were transformed into coveted collector's items. Complementing this, we introduced a digital subscription model, providing curated content on novel lifestyles, personal care, body awareness, and wellness.

Year 2020