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What began as a consortium of three companies in 2021 (in 2022 four) for the construction of the first European satellite constellation has grown exponentially, evolving into the first widely recognized company providing satellite services for autonomous driving and various other applications on both European and international scales.

The need:
A solid and scalable brand focused on being the future of mobility.

The goal:
Consolidate itself as a trustworthy, solid and innovative satellite service provider for autonomous driving, making Europe independent and top ranked in (in a very short time).

At the project's inception, UNIO had three primary stakeholders seeking to showcase the vast potential of European gig companies, SMEs, and startups in the space sector. This rationale is represented by the three intersectional elements in motion.

The color palette is inspired by the space environment, featuring natural and neutral colors such as black and grey scale. A striking orange serves as a highlight, infusing a distinct "Marsish" or NewSpace vibe to the visual identity.

The overwhelming positive response from authorities and companies compelled UNIO to disseminate its progress across various channels. Consequently, we developed a flexible graphic system to effectively communicate every event on social media.

Transitioning from a satellite constellation builder to a more specialized seamless connectivity provider for autonomous driving, we recognized the imperative to extend the entire graphic system. This expansion aimed to convey the burgeoning team behind UNIO through their new website, while simultaneously conceptualizing a potential application for use while driving.

All product pictures belong to UNIO Enterprise GmbH.

In our commitment to textiles and team equipment, we proudly engage with brands employing sustainable techniques in their production. Our partnerships range from innovative startups dedicated to crafting textiles using 100% cotton and eco-friendly processes to renowned brands celebrated for their principled stance and shared values.


We take immense pride in working closely with the team from the project's inception, witnessing it evolve into a distinct entity and encountering many new faces along the way.

The identity effortlessly communicates the essence, the communication aligns seamlessly with the brand, the merchandise reflects the values of both the company and the team, and the pilot app not only envisions the future but is also user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing ;).

Year 2023