Well crafted, magnificent, selected interior design, in just one click.

Content Creation
Give My-Domus a reliable brand, to make potential clients trust the service from the other side of the screen

My-Domus is an online interior design studio which presents its performance in a modern way. Interior design has always been characterized as an exclusive, selected and dedicated service. My-Domus goal is to disrupt this mentality and create a low-cost service to get your dream space.

my-domus business card design by lafresca
My Domus branding by lafresca studio

We were commissioned to find My-Domus a place within a very competitive sector, where physical presence and every tangible thing are of great relevance

A logo attempt based on different axonometrical perspectives used in technical drawing and the basic construction materials are the foundation of the graphic system.

Our selected typography gives the brand the identity of a digital project and it creates a common discourse in between all elements