The fastest, boldest and most ambitious small satellite

Reflex Aerospace
Content Creation
Print and digital collaterals
Create a responsive, scalable and resilient brand
REflex Aerospace branding by lafresca studio
Reflex logo design - lafresca

Reflex Aerospace fills a geographical and product gap in the space sector, more specifically in satellites manufacturing, by being cost-effective and producing tailored-quality, serial-velocity satellites, made to European standards.

Before launching such a blast, the client wanted to stand out with a strong brand and clear tone of voice within an industry which, in general, has a stagnant and repetitive visual communication

In line with the company culture, we need an attractive, genuine brand; a continuous communication plan, content creation and campaign strategy which encourage Reflex's target group follow its pace

Reflex wants to be seen as a premium label brand, where product and industrial design are important.

Starting from the concepts “Responsive” and “Flexible”, keeping the old X and redefining it, creating potential sharp shapes which will be the narrative thread of the graphic system.