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As Reflex Aerospace emerged as one of the successful startups, the directive was clear: craft a brand that is responsive, scalable, and resilient.

Reflex Aerospace fills a geographical and product gap in the space sector, more specifically in satellites manufacturing, by being cost-effective and producing tailored-quality, serial-velocity satellites, made to European standards.

The fastest, boldest and most ambitious small satellite.

REflex Aerospace branding by lafresca studio
Reflex logo design - lafresca

Reflex aspires to embody a premium label brand, emphasizing the significance of product and industrial design. Rooted in the concepts of "Responsive" and "Flexible," our approach involves retaining the iconic X while redefining it. We aim to craft potential sharp shapes that serve as the narrative thread throughout our graphic system, symbolizing innovation and adaptability.

The importance of the presence of the icon throughout the entire graphic system, both to create an even earlier resonance and to evoke the engineering origin of the startup, makes the use of vertices and orthogonal elements essential in building the brand. Additionally, the use of grain and industrial colors is employed to reference the field.

The development of a compact yet robust website was a strategic initiative, designed to be both modular and scalable.

Its purpose was to offer an immediate and vivid portrayal of the product, the company, and a nod to the culture and team behind it all—all in a single glance.

Photography credits: Bego Solis.

The development of an extensive array of graphic resources played a pivotal role in effectively conveying both, the business model and the technology of the startup.

We crafted informative infographics delineating the supply chain, utilized graphs and diagrams to illustrate diverse processes, and employed thoughtful iconography and, illustrations to create space and streamline complex messages, among other integral elements.


As part of the project, after completing the identity phase, we took on responsibility of the communication strategy during the initial months of the company. This involved the launch of their social media channels and the creation of engaging content for their community.

A notable achievement was the proud contribution to expanding their LinkedIn community by over 6,000 members within the very first months.

Year 2022