Brand Identity
Web design
BEYOND’s goal is to help start-ups reach their full financial potential. Launched in 2022 and funded by the European Commission provides you with top-tier mentors, a global investing network, and robust syndicated investment to get you where you need to be.

"Raising pre-seed or seed investment is hard. Attracting capital from international investors is even harder. BEYOND makes that journey easier"

Seeking a swift market entry, we crafted a comprehensive resource pack for the organization, facilitating seamless communication and promotion of their innovative project.

With the development of a responsive logo, the implementation of a modular system, and the design of distinctive wallpapers, we began. In tandem with the study, research, and development of a fully responsive logo, we undertook the creation of a cohesive branded design system. This system drew inspiration from the logo's shapes and its symbolic elements.

We curated an iconography set, established a vibrant color palette, and identified two font families suitable for both web and shared-document applications.

In the culmination of our Creative Startup Kit, we laid the foundation for a straightforward yet functional landing page.

This holistic approach aimed to provide the organization with a robust and visually compelling toolkit for their venture.


Additionally, our comprehensive package included a range of visual elements such as images, wallpapers, and infographics, complemented by illustrative examples of audiovisual content. Furthermore, we extended our support to cover tangible materials, offering print and merch assets, as well as providing templates for various platforms, including PowerPoint presentations, stationery, and email signatures.

Year 2022